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Primary 1 Form Teachers

primary 1 teachers i.tif.jpg
mdm mok wai han(mrs chao).jpeg
Mrs Chao Wai Han
Primary 1.1
miss lei jiayan jean.jpeg
Ms Jean Lei Jiayan
Primary 1.1
mdm heng pei li daphne(mrs ng).jpeg
Mrs Daphne Ng-Heng Pei Li
Primary 1.2
mdm vjaya lashmi do tangavellu 2.jpg
Mdm Vjaya Lashmi 
Primary 1.2
mdm rosnah bte rabu(mrs jasli) .jpeg
Mrs Rosnah Jasli
Primary 1.3
mdm choung hui ming.jpeg
Mdm Choung Hui Ming
Primary 1.3
mdm tang mei fong.jpeg
Mdm Tang Mei Fong
Primary 1.4
mdm li wai yee joanne.jpeg
Mrs Joanne Chan-Li Wai Yee
Primary 1.4
mdm jaida goh lay choo.jpg
Mrs Jaida Chan-Goh
Primary 1.5 
mdm guo wei.jpeg
Mdm Guo Wei
Primary 1.5
mdm angelia chew yin mui(mrs chan).jpeg
Mdm Angelia Chew Yin Mui
Primary 1.6
mdm sahidah bte yaacob.jpeg
Mdm Sahidah Yacob
Primary 1.6
mdm hamidah binte abdol hamid(mrs jeffri).jpeg
Mdm Hamidah Abdol Hamid
Primary 1.7
mdm liang xuexia.jpeg
Mdm Liang Xuexia
Primary 1.7
mdm goh dishi april.jpeg
Mdm April Goh Dishi
Primary 1.8
mdm haslinda bte othman.jpeg
Mdm Haslinda Othman
Primary 1.8
mdm tan lee sin(mrs boey).jpeg
Mrs Boey-Tan Lee Sin
Primary 1.9 
mr chua keng koon.jpeg
Mr Chua Keng Koon
Primary 1.9

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Deployment of staff is subjected to changes depending on school's needs without prior notice.

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