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Allied Educators

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2018 Allied Educators (Teaching & Learning)

mdm lee li peng.jpegMdm Lee Li Peng (Senior AED)
mdm yus azizah binte ahmad ariff.jpegMdm Yus Azizah Ahmad Ariff
mr muhammad sanusi bin roslan.jpegMr Muhammad Sanusi Roslan

2018 Allied Educators (Learning & Behavioural Support)

miss amirah binte mohamad sani.jpegMs Amirah Bte Mohamad Sanimdm mashita binte takim.jpegMdm Mashita Takim

2018 Allied Educator (Counselling)

miss tan may fung.jpegMs Tan May Fung

Please refer to Staff Directory for list of e-mail addresses.

Deployment of staff is subjected to changes depending on school's needs without prior notice.

Page last updated on: 1 March 2018