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2018 Term 3 Week 4 weekly notification is available here.

2018 P1 Registration Exercise
Click here to read information regarding the 2018 P1 Registration Exercise for Admission into P1 in 2019 and Non-Tamil Indian Language classes from 2019. 

MHA Storybooks on SGSecure for P3 & P4 pupils

In line with the SGSecure movement, the Ministry of Home Affairs has produced two storybooks, ‘Attack At The Mall’ for all Primary 3 pupils and ‘The Runaway Car’ for all Primary 4 pupils.

The books raise pupils’ awareness of the importance of vigilance, cohesion and resilience in standing up to a terror threat. Through the story, pupils will learn how they can stay safe, and protect themselves if they encounter an emergency situation.

The storybook includes a section on how parents can prepare their children to be vigilant and resilient. Click here for the translated versions of this section, which may be useful for parents.   

School Leaders' Weekly
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