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Past Principals

Mr Thomas Yeo.jpg

Mr Thomas Yeo Chin Hee

Mr Thomas Yeo was principal of South View Primary School from 1990-1997. Being the principal of a newly-opened school, Mr Yeo designed the school uniform and penned the lyrics of the school song. He also devised the school’s diamond-shaped badge.

Under his leadership and the directorship of the Vice-Principal, Mr Clifford Oliveiro, the school produced her first musical, titled “Happily Ever After”. The guest-of-honour at the musical, which was staged at Drama Centre, was Mrs Goh Chok Tong. The school raised $40000 from the musical and the money was donated to the National Kidney Foundation.

Mdm Jackie Kok.jpg

Mdm Jackie Kok Chow Hiong

Mdm Kok assumed the role as 2nd Principal of South View Primary School from 1998-2004. She took over the reins from the 1st Principal, Mr Thomas Yeo Chin Hee, towards the end of December 1997. Under Mdm Kok’s leadership, South View has made a notable physical transformation in terms of upgrading of school building and facilities when it went through PRIME from 1999-2002. South View also achieved academic excellence like producing three top PSLE Indian, Malay and Eurasian students in 2002 and attained many awards in line with promoting holistic education. 

Other significant achievements include the formation of the first Parent Support Group (PSG) and the first collaboration with an overseas school (Hiroshima-Singapore Friendship Flight) in 2001. Mdm Kok also served in the Edusave Advisory Council which was established for the purpose of advising the Minister for Education on the application of the income of the Edusave Endowment Fund from 2003-2004. 

On 9 August 2003, Mdm Kok was conferred the following National Day Award: Public Administration Medal (Bronze) for her competence, efficacy and industry in the education arena.

Mrs Jenny Yeo.jpg

Mrs Jenny Yeo Bee Geok

Mrs Jenny Yeo took over the helm of leadership from Mdm Kok as the 3rd principal of South View Primary School from 2005-2013. Mrs Yeo has always believed that every child is like an unpolished diamond, waiting to be nurtured to realise their full potential in the same way that a diamond is revolutionary cut to reveal its unparalleled brilliance, fire and sparkle; thus the South View diamond logo. 

Mrs Yeo made a very significant contribution to South View Primary by creating a niche area in the Arts; namely the Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Media Arts.  South View Primary School is a recipient of the award "The Programme for School-Based Excellence (PSE) for DANCE " from 2009-2011 and has also seen the birth of school musical performances and child talents along the way. South View Primary School 
has indeed soared to greater heights under Mrs Yeo’s leadership, with outstanding PSLE academic results to show annually, producing the top PSLE Malay pupil in 2008 and 2 of the top 5 PSLE pupils in 2009. 

Mrs Yeo has also implemented flagship programmes like Innochef in 2005 and media literacy (Lead ICT@Schools Award in 2006) to develop the spirit of Innovation and Enterprise in the pupils. South View Primary School has also garnered many accolades under Mrs Yeo’s leadership, like the Development Award in 2010 (National Education), Cherish Award (Silver) in 2012, Best Practices awards ( Staff well-being / Teaching & Learning ), Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification and People Developer Standard Award in 2013 to name a few. All pupils, past and present, have indeed benefitted from the vision and 
far-sightedness of this veteran educator and leader who made an enormous impact in providing a holistic education in South View Primary School.