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Term 2 Week 10

It is the end of Semester 1! We hope that all staff, pupils and parents have had a great first half of the year and are looking forward to getting a good break during the June holidays. Indeed, it has been an exciting first semester and we are glad that the children had so many opportunities to grow.

Term 2 – Joy, Love and Pride

Building Grit, Taking Ownership and Having a Sense of Awe and Adventure
Our P1 children had so much fun at the P1 Character Trail, learning simple life skills while bonding with their parents. Until today, many of the children share with excitement the special traffic lights and zebra crossing they got to to use with their parents to learn about being safe on the roads. We hope that the children will remember these experiences even during the school holidays where they may be out more often. Our P5 Adventure Camp saw another successful experience for the children. Spending three days and two nights away from parents and the comforts of the home really taught the children to be independent and resilient. The activities at the camp urged the children to push themselves and encourage one another to work in teams. We hope the children will remember the perseverance and strength they displayed at the camp.

Showing Gratitude towards Others
This term, we wanted the children to cherish what they have and show appreciation and gratitude to others who have contributed to their growth. For Mother’s Day, the teachers shared how they showed appreciation to their own parents and taught the children how they can do so too. The children expressed their love and appreciation to their mothers or motherly figures by making beautiful cards and writing sweet poems. As Father’s Day falls during the June holidays, we hope that the children will remember how to show appreciation and do the same for their fathers or fatherly figures. We would like to wish Happy Father’s Day, in advance, to all fathers too!

Partnering Parents
Parents have always been very supportive of the school and the teachers and we would like to express our appreciation to them. Your support for your child and the school is seen through the time and effort you put in to attend many of our school events such as our Parents’ Briefing, Parent-Teacher-Child Conference, P1 Character Trail and P5 Adventure Camp. We would also like to thank SVPA for their continued support and presence in the school. Getting parents’ together is no easy feat but our SVPA members volunteer relentlessly for many of our school events and activities. Thank you, parents and SVPA!

Holidays are Here!
At the end of Term 1, we reminded the children about making sure they make time for work, play and rest for the March holidays. We hope that the children, parents and staff will do the same for the June holidays. Often, we are so excited about the holidays that we fail to make a list of things we need to do and want to do, nor make a plan. Yes, it is fun too to wake up in the morning on a holiday and then take it as it goes (we should give ourselves that) but we should also make a plan to make sure that the things we need to do (and want to do) get done too. So, sit down with your child and let him/her make a plan for the school holidays. Make a list of activities for work, play and rest and fit them in the schedule. Of course, leave some days for just simply not doing anything in particular. 

There are many activities that you can do with your child during the holidays. I always tell the children who are not travelling overseas, that they are fortunate because there are so many things they can do here in Singapore. Just going to the library can be very enriching. A fun day rolling on the grass in the park can be fun. Taking the MRT from one end to the other can teach us so much about people and the amazing places we have here. More importantly, spending time with loved ones is the best activity one can have. So, plan the holidays with your child such that he/she gets time to do things with the family. Savour the moments and create memorable experiences.

A Fond Farewell
Mr Tay Ah Bee, who has been with the school for many years, will be retiring in June this year. Mr Tay has been a dedicated Chinese Language teacher and we are sure his pupils, both past and present, will remember his kindness and care for them. We wish him a happy retirement and that he will enjoy his retirement pursuing his other passions and interests. Thank you, Mr Tay!

We would like to wish all pupils, parents and staff happy holidays and hope that everyone will have a good and well-deserved break. For our Muslim pupils, parents and staff, we would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya in advance.

Thank you and see all of you back in Semester 2!

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