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Best Practices Award


BPA-logo-TnL.jpgAligned to the South View Primary School (SVPS)’s vision of becoming a Vibrant Learning Organization, a structured curriculum is put in place within its Teaching & Learning Framework. Anchored on school values, SVPS’s culture is built around LearningInnovation and Excellence to develop each pupil to be a Continual LearnerResponsible & Confident Individual and Concerned Citizen so that each pupil will shine like a polished diamond after 6 years in the school.

SVPS drives the curriculum through a Pedagogical 3E Approach, namely, Empower, Experience and Explore to Excel, supported by assessment for and of learning to develop critical thinking skills in pupils and facilitate pupil-centric collaborative and self-directed learning.

SVPS focuses not only on academic excellence but also the holistic development of our pupils.  The school’s PSLE results have shown a positive trend and surpassed comparable school and national mean. All departments design customized curriculum to ensure vertical progression in pupil learning. Through Innovation & Enterprise and a school culture that promotes collaboration among departments, SVPS developed pedagogical signature programmes such as Critical Literacy, Inquiry & Problem-based Learning, Innochef (Cooking lessons) and Learning Trails to enhance the holistic development of pupils.
As South View’s niche is ‘The Arts’ (Visual, Media and Performing),the school builds an arts culture through a structured arts programme for all levels, inclusive of a dance programme which exposes pupils to dance genres, ranging from ethnic dance to hip hop in their six years at school.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) recognized as a powerful tool for learning is integrated into the curriculum. ICT infrastructure such as school-wide wireless access and Interactive Whiteboards, mobile devices and applications such as Garageband together support SVPS’ niche in media, visual and performing arts. ICT is also leveraged in Integrated Project work from P1 to P6 to equip pupils with ICT skills.

SVPS promotes a culture of excellence in Teaching & Learning among its staff, educators in the cluster schools and beyond.


BPA-logo-staff.jpgSouth View Primary School anchors its human resource framework via S.P.A.R.K. It is achieved through systematic and effective staff resource planning, focusing on training and development, staff contribution to school improvements and rewards and recognition.

Guided by strategic direction and goals, staff learning needs are identified at school, departmental, and individual level, aligned to strategic directions and goals. Support structures including time and resources are then allocated to meet staff aspirations and professional development needs.

Staff are immersed in a culture of innovation and improvement. They are deployed in areas to leverage on their strengths and are given opportunities to showcase their talents during school events. Successes are celebrated and invitations to share are recognized as achievements through various platforms. There is a distinct SV culture where staff continuously carry out review, innovate and improve school programmes and processes.

South View has fine-tuned policies and processes for work-life balance. Collaborations and integrated efforts are encouraged with little overlapping of duties and time. School communicates programmes and operations to all staff to carry out forward planning in their personal commitments. School Leaders promote staff health and satisfaction by prompt follow-up to staff feedback. Staff wellness activities such as ethnic dances are structured for staff bonding and total well-being. The school conscientiously alleviates teachers’ administrative duties together with pro-family policies to enhance work-life balance. Coffee Sessions are held by the Principal to meet teachers by the levels and MT departments to allow staff to voice their concerns so she could act on them.
Through these initiatives, the school aims to develop competent, engaged staff, well supported and motivated to provide holistic education for our pupils.