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School Distinction Award


A Vibrant Learning Organisation – The Best From All, In All

The school's vision inspires everyone to be passionate about lifelong learning, be the best that they can be and set new standards of excellence. The school seeks to build a vibrant school culture where staff and pupils are encouraged to initiate, innovate and explore new ideas; and achieve excellence in all endeavours. 

To nurture and inspire all to be useful citizens, men and women of character with a passion for learning and serving.

The school’s vision and mission are realized through 4 strategic thrusts:

  • Nurturing the Whole Child,
  • Maximising Staff Potential,
  • Administrative and Operational Excellence, and
  • Partnership with Stakeholders and the Community.

Distinctive/Significant Features

Vibrant Learning Organisation

SHINE framework.pngAligned to the South View Primary School (SVPS)’s vision of becoming a Vibrant Learning Organization, the school has put in place the SHINE framework to direct all school initiatives towards achieving the school’s mission. The framework consists of 5 key components:


  • Strategic Leadership
    As part of SHINE, school leaders and middle management develop frameworks to serve as strategy formulation and planning guides. Each framework addresses an individual aspect that affects the desired outcomes of our pupils. They are Partnership, Character and Citizenship Education, Innovation and Enterprise, Teaching and Learning, Talent Management, People Development, Total Wellness, Student Leadership and the Co-curriculum.
  • Holistic Development
    The school focuses on the holistic development of pupils through its innovative curriculum and co-curriculum. Integrated Project Work and Learning Trails are some of the school’s signature programmes. These programmes are delivered via the 3-E pedagogical approach, Empower (Head), Experience (Hands) and Explore to Excel (Heart).
    One of our signature programmes is the Innoprise lessons whereby life skills such as cooking skills are imparted to pupils. With respect to Character Development & Sports Development, the school organises “Mini-Olympics” to inculcate Olympian values while annual camps/trails are conducted for pupils to learn about values.
    Pupils also learn Arts Appreciation through Art programmes. In Performing Arts, pupils learn a different ethnic dance at different levels. In Visual Art, pupils learn to create digital art pieces and in Media Arts, pupils create E-music pieces and animated videos. Multiple platforms are orchestrated to showcase pupils’ talents such as our IT Fests and biennial musicals.
  • Innovation
    At the heart of the school’s Innovation & Enterprise Framework is the value of Spirit of Excellence, Innovation and Enterprise. Innovation is used to build capacity and capability of both staff and pupils. There is strategic alignment to promote innovation in all departments.
  • Network for Partnership
    The school has a strong collaborative partnership with the South View Parents’ Association (SVPA). Members of SVPA are invited to sit in department meetings to gain better understanding of the departments’ programmes and provide a parents’ perspective in planning and reviews.
    The school also partners grassroots organisations through the sharing of the school’s facilities and co-organising meaningful events for the community. The school also engaged industry partners and government organisations to collaborate on environmental projects.
  • Empowerment
    To develop and empower staff in their teaching capacities and leadership competencies, staff are involved in the planning and review of school processes. Platforms are provided for sharing of innovations and good practices at various levels.

School Culture

School Culture

SV-Diamond.pngFor pupils, SVPS believes that every pupil who enters the school is a raw diamond with its own innate talents and potential waiting to be uncovered and developed.

Guided by the SHINE framework and school values, SVPS hopes to polish these diamonds and let them shine vibrantly and develop them into Continual Learners, Responsible & Confident Individuals and Concerned Citizens.

For staff, espousing the school’s vision, each staff gives his/her best and works closely together, providing mutual support to one another.

As a result of the cordial working relationship amongst staff, SVPS experiences a low level of staff turnover. In the 2011 School Climate Survey, “Sense of Mission” and “Colleagues” scored well above 80% in satisfaction level.

Future Challenges

Future Challenges

SVPS constantly seeks to establish and strengthen its culture of Excellence, Innovation & Enterprise within the national and international school fraternity. It has extended collaborations with stakeholders and overseas institutions and shared at cluster, zonal, national and international platforms. SVPS has also received regular requests for many overseas and local schools to come and learn about the school’s best practices.

SVPS will continue to adopt a proactive approach to seek out opportunities for collaboration and tie-ups; to develop programmes that would equip pupils and enable them to become culturally savvy and ready for the global economy.

Having attained SQC, the school’s next short- and long-term goals will be SQC Star and SQA certification. In the area of aesthetics, it will work towards establishing itself as a Centre of Excellence for dance.

For future challenges, SVPS aims to embark on the development of a more holistic assessment of pupil performance without compromising academic standards.