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P6 Transition Programme

South View Primary School’s Primary 6 Transition Programme aims to equip our pupils with life skills that will encourage self-awareness, self-directedness, independence and confidence. Besides a school-based customised SEL curriculum, Project Work, local and overseas learning journeys and secondary school talks, pupils are also given opportunities to engage and serve a wider community through their Values-In-Action (VIA) in their Education and Career Guidance showcase. Through these efforts, the programme strives to prepare our pupils psychologically, mentally and emotionally to ensure a more successful transition into the secondary school years.

Primary 6 pupils teach Primary 1 pupils
a new skill at the P6 Carnival Day.
Project Work hands-on session

 Learning Journey to a secondary school Learning to weave a basket using bamboo sticks
during the Malacca Trip

Useful links for pupils and parents

Education & Career Guidance

It is an online portal that facilitates education and career development among the pupils. It also helps the pupils discover their identity through awareness, exploration and planning. https://ecareers.sg/G_Login_SG/ecareersLogin.asp

Secondary Education

Parents can find information on school fees, Direct Schools Admission (DSA) and Secondary 1 Posting. https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/secondary

The Secondary School Education booklets are also available in 4 languages. https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/secondary/secondary-school-education-booklet

Page last updated on: 1 February 2017