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Our Beliefs

The school vision is one where we aspire to bring out the personal best in everyone in all endeavours. We want to build a culture of learning where staff and pupils are encouraged to deepen their learning and be anchored on values.

The school will do our utmost to inspire our pupils by focusing on pupils’ needs, learning aptitudes and starting point so as to increase their motivation to learn and build positive attitudes towards learning and be lifelong learners. We are also committed to nurturing a future generation of useful and responsible citizens by instilling in them a sense of duty, a sense of gratitude and to serve with humility.

Our school motto supports the school’s Vision and Mission by encouraging staff and pupils to learn, understand and practise with an open and discerning mind and to serve with a gracious heart so as to contribute to society.

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Core Values
The school values focus on traits that we want to see in our pupils. They are namely Integrity, Care, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.

Strategic Thrusts


THRUST 1 :Striving towards Excellence through Quality Programmes

  • SO 1.1:
    To develop quality programmes to promote deep learning and pupil engagement *quality programmes denotes signature/ customised programmes 
  • SO 1.2 : 
    To attain excellence through engaging and varied teaching pedagogies
THRUST 2 :Developing character through a whole-school approach

  • SO 2.1 : 
    To inculcate values progressively through key school programmes 
  • SO 2.2 : 
    To raise cultural awareness of pupils through structured 6-year Arts programme 
  • SO 2.3 : 
    To create platforms for pupils to develop a heart to serve 
THRUST 3 :Growing Competent and Engaged Staff through Professional Development

  • SO 3.1 : 
    To improve staff competency through collaboration and involvement in school initiatives 

  • SO 3.2 : 
    To provide for opportunities for staff engagement through key school initiatives 

  • SO 3.3 :  
    To improve staff morale and engagement through promoting a culture of care 

THRUST 4 :Strengthening Partnership through Collaboration

  • SO 4.1 : 
    To engage strategic partners in purposeful and quality school programmes 
  • SO 4.2 : 
    To strengthen communication with parents and stakeholders