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Our Key Programmes

Name of ProgrammesObjectivesTarget LevelDate/Timeframe
Math Trail• To sharpen the thinking skills of P1 students through hands on activities
• To provide an environment for team building of students' social skills
Primary 1Term 3
 Math Journalling
  • To  enhance classroom learning and stimulate thinking regarding  mathematics learning and enhance conceptual understanding.
 Primary 1 - 6Term 1 - Term 4
Digital Math Trail• To sharpen  the  thinking  skills  of  P2  students  through  hands­on activities
• To provide  an environment for team building of  students’ social  skills
 • To have an opportunity to tap on  Mathematical  knowledge learnt and apply them in real life situations
• To have an  opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the different races living in Singapore
Primary 2Term 3
 Math Activity Day• To sharpen the thinking skills of P3 students through hands­on activities
• To provide an  environment for team  building and building  of students’ social  skills.  
• To have an  opportunity to tap on Mathematical  knowledge learnt to  real life situations
Primary 3 Term 1 Week 10 
 Mathematical  Olympiad Training • To provide an  opportunity for  selected pupils to  extend their  Mathematical  knowledge and to  learn higher order  problem solving skills Selected Primary 4,  5 and 6 Primary 6 – Term 1 Primary 5 – Term 2
Primary 4 – Term 3 

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