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Our Key Programmes

Name of Programmes Objectives Target Level Date/Timeframe
Mathematical Olympiad Training
(Updated on 8/9/20)
In this enrichment programme for our high ability P5 and P6 pupils, pupils engage in problem solving that develop their thinking skills and help them apply techniques that are required to solve higher-order non-routine questions. They also get the opportunity to collaborate in groups to develop essential 21st century skills in terms of communication and teamwork. The training will motivate and prepare pupils to participate in local and international Mathematical competitions.   Primary 5 & 6 Term 1;
P5: 13 Jan - 24 Feb
(Mon, 6 Sessions)

P6: 15 Jan - 19 Feb (Wed, 6 Sessions)
Math Trail • To sharpen the thinking skills of P1 students through hands on activities
• To provide an environment for team building of students' social skills
Primary 1 Term 3
 Math Journalling
  • To  enhance classroom learning and stimulate thinking regarding  mathematics learning and enhance conceptual understanding.
 Primary 1 - 6 Term 1 - Term 4
Digital Math Trail • To sharpen  the  thinking  skills  of  P2  students  through  hands­on activities
• To provide  an environment for team building of  students’ social  skills
 • To have an opportunity to tap on  Mathematical  knowledge learnt and apply them in real life situations
• To have an  opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the different races living in Singapore
Primary 2 Term 3
 Math Activity Day • To sharpen the thinking skills of P3 students through hands­on activities
• To provide an  environment for team  building and building  of students’ social  skills.  
• To have an  opportunity to tap on Mathematical  knowledge learnt to  real life situations
Primary 3  Term 1 Week 10 

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