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Mother Tongue Languages

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Our Key Programmes

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Mother Tongue Fortnight Activity (Malay)

(Updated on 8/9/20)

Roti Jala' making was one of the activities which was done by the Primary 4 pupils during the Mother Tongue Fortnight. Pupils were first learnt how the name of the traditional kuih came about. Then, they were given hands on activities on how to make the 'roti jala'.

Term 3

Primary 1 Story-telling Competition 2019 (Chinese)

(Updated on 8/9/20)

The story-telling competition aims to build confidence for our pupils in public speaking, as well as encourage pupils to read more Chinese stories. The event was held in Term 3, during the Primary 1’s Mother Tongue Lesson. The pupils got to listen to many interesting stories told by the brave participants!

Term 3

Learning Journeys, MT Fortnight and Show & Tell (Tamil)

(Updated on 8/9/20)

The Tamil Department aims to instil in our pupils a love for the Tamil language and culture. We strive to develop our pupil into a confident person who is able to communicate confidently and effectively in Spoken Tamil. Pupils are engaged in creative and exciting activities such as outdoor classroom experiences, Mother Tongue fortnight, library activity and other forms of ICT tools are used to enrich their learning experiences.
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