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A sense of wonder is the essence of inquiry. Nurturing this natural sense of wonder in children is key to the learning of Science.

"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." – Albert Einstein
Our Key Programmes

Name of Programmes


Target Level


World of Wonder

The activities in World of Wonder aim to trigger the pupils’ innate curiosity about their surroundings. Through learn through play, pupils develop science process skills, mathematics problem-solving skills and collaboration skills.


Primary 1

Term 1-4

Curriculum time

Primary 2

Term 1-4

Curriculum time

Science Plus

Science Plus aims to develop scientific attitudes, skills and habits of mind aligned to the desired 21st century competencies. Through a hands-on approach to learning, pupils apply problem-solving skills. Through group discussion, pupils use science literacy to communicate ideas to make sense of information and build knowledge.


Primary 3

Term 1-4

Curriculum time

Primary 4

Term 2

Supplementary time

Primary 5-6

Term 1

Supplementary time

 Learning Journeys

·         To provide opportunities for pupils to learn science beyond the classroom.


 Primary 3 - 6  

March - September 

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