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Pupil Well Being

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Our Key Programmes

Name of Programmes


Target Level

Date / Timeframe

Munch With a Bunch

This programme aims to foster a close teacher-pupil relationship and to further enhance a culture of care in the school through a structured appointment schedule.

All levels

Appointments are scheduled with the form teachers of respective classes over one term.

Befrienders Programme

This programme aims to equip pupils with independent life skills and social communication skills. By the end of this programme, we hope that pupils will be socially responsible and confident individuals who are guided by core values.

Primary 3, at-risk and special needs pupils

Fridays, 2pm to 4pm (starting from Term 1 Week 5)

Our Special Programmes 

Student Leadership 

Student Leadership.jpg
Our Student Leadership programme encompasses members of the following:

1) Prefectorial Board 
2) CCA Leaders 
3) Cyberwellness Ambassadors 

Student Leaders meet weekly on Fridays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and are engaged with various activities to hone their leadership skills and in other areas like teamwork and communication.

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