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School Leaders' Weekly

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Term 4 Week 10

We have reached the end of another amazing school year and I am sure everyone is looking forward to the school holidays. All of us: children, staff and parents, have worked very hard this year and we should take this opportunity to look back, reflect on our growth and affirm ourselves for what we have accomplished in the course of the year. A successful school year is only made possible with the support of our parents and staff and we would like to thank everyone for their hard work in the growth of our children.

The year-end school holidays are a good time for families to do things together and strengthen their bond as a family. Last week, I asked a couple of P2 pupils if they were looking forward to the holidays and they exclaimed that they were not because they would have nothing much to do during the holidays. I responded cheekily if they would like to have homework so they could do them during the holidays and they responded with a resounding “Yes!” I am sure they were joking and that they will find many enjoyable activities to do during the holidays. If you have not planned holiday activities for your children, do check out this link: https://www.schoolbag.sg/story/fun-activities-for-children.

School Canteen Food

We understand that some parents are still concerned over the incident involving some of our children falling ill after eating at the school canteen in August this year and asked why the school did not provide more details beyond what we shared in the Term 3 Week 8 weekly notification. We would like to apologise once again if we had not been able to share much information about the matter during that period as the matter was still under investigation. NEA and MOH also had to carry out some site visits and tests. But before MOH or NEA had stepped into the picture, we would like to assure parents that once the matter was brought to our attention, within the next hour or two, we took swift action to not only stop the sale of the food which we suspected was contaminated but also to check all the other stalls as well. The stalls were thoroughly cleaned and we stepped up the cleaning of the canteen on that very day. We also spoke to the canteen vendors, shared with them about the incident and warned them of the severity of the incident. On that very day as well, teachers followed up with phone calls to check on the children.

MOH and NEA had worked closely with the school in determining the cause of the incident and ensuring that all the children affected got well. Immediately after the reporting of the incident, a team of officers from MOH visited the school to inspect all the stalls and speak to the canteen vendors. The vendors also went for an interview at MOH. MOH also carried out a survey on the consumption of canteen food. The vendors involved have been issued a warning letter, counselled, and advised on the measures they need to take to ensure that the food they prepare is safe for consumption.

Time to time, there are news reports of food poisoning cases in Singapore. As a school, we monitor the hygiene and cleanliness of our canteen stalls and conduct checks regularly to ensure that the food sold in the canteen are safe for our children and staff. Unfortunately, this incident had occurred. Nevertheless, we will work closely with NEA to continue to step up monitoring and checks. We express our appreciation to parents for their concerns and patience in this matter.

2019 Matters

Next year will be another exciting year filled with activities, programmes and events that seek to bring out the best in our children. Our 2019 Programme Highlights is attached with this letter for you to browse and take note of the programmes your child will be involved in. The overall weekly school schedule for 2019 will be as follows:

Table T4W10.JPG

The school calendar, after-school activity schedule and the CCA schedule for Semester 1 will be issued to all parents in the first week of school. We seek the support of parents to avoid planning after-school activities for your child on days where the school has already done so.

As conveyed in an earlier letter, the school will be using new names for classes in 2019 and you will already have seen this in your child’s holistic report card. We hope that the use of values for class names will further emphasize the positive traits that we wish to develop in our children. The class names with abbreviations in brackets will be as follows. In case you have not noticed, the first letters of the class names form the word “SOUTHVIENS” .

Table 2 T4W10.JPG

We would like to invite parents of our 2019 P2 to P6 pupils to set aside the afternoon of 11 January 2019 to attend a Parent’s Briefing. At this briefing, we will be sharing with you the some of the changes on assessment that were announced by MOE. We would also want to hear your thoughts about possible shifts in school hours that will need to take effect in 2020.

Staff Movement

We would like to share the following end-of-year staff movement:

  • Mdm Siti Mas Laily Bte Ramlaili, Mdm Wang Juan, Ms Joanne Li, Mr Ong Dunming, Ms Melissa Choy, Ms Junaidah Senor and Ms Sri Dalia Bte Muhammad Najip will be leaving the school while Mrs Silvia Lazar will be retiring. We wish to express our gratitude to all of them for their invaluable contributions to the school and wish them well in their future endeavours.
  • We warmly welcome Ms Ayeshah Binte Jamaldeen, Ms Cheong Qi Li, Ms Lee Sin Choon, Mdm Leow Eng Bee, Mr Rayson Soh, Ms Siti Aisyah Binte Waris, Mr Tan Weida and Ms Zurainah Binte Ahmid to the South View family.

We wish all children, staff and parents happy holidays. Have a good break and see you back in school on 2 January 2019 for another exciting year!

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