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School Leaders' Weekly


Term 4 Week 9

As we pen the last weekly letter for the year, we cannot help but reflect on what an exciting and eventful year it has been for all Southviens. We have much to celebrate and plenty to be thankful for. In 2019, we saw our children involved in several programmes and activities from the academic to the non-academic ones. We saw how through these platforms, the children were given opportunities to learn new skills and be exposed to new experiences. With every programme and activity, we always strive to reach out to as many children as possible to ignite the joy of learning within them and to develop their competencies.

Many of our children took part in competitions throughout the year. Many have excelled in various fields, be it in sports, music, the arts and/or academic studies. Through these competitions, the children also become more resilient, learn the importance of hard work and teamwork. They also know that wining is not everything. The process matters. We are extremely proud of them.

2020 Matters

2019 saw us introducing new approaches to learning camps, games carnival and adopting a slightly smaller class size for more classes. In 2020, more exciting things will happen. The school has created more learning spaces for the children. The children will be able to carry out activities independently in our newly-opened Oasis, tinker and create at our Maker-Space areas after school and create lovely music in our new musical garden. Academic programmes have also been reviewed to ensure that we continue to deliver quality teaching and learning. After-school English and Maths programmes will be introduced to the P3 children who want to challenge themselves further in these two subjects. Sign-up is required for these programmes and is voluntary. More information will be shared at the first Parents’ briefing in 2020.

Reporting Time

As shared with you earlier this year, lessons will start at 7.45am in 2020. Thus, the official school reporting time is by 7.30am. All gates will be closed after 7.30am. All P1-P3 children will report to the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) while the P4s-P6s will report to the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH).Children who report to school after 7.30am will be considered late. Lessons will start at 7.45am. The school day will end at 1.30pm. Do look out for the after-school schedule for after-school activities.

Our Exciting New / Refurbished Learning Spaces


2020 Programmes and Activities

For the first day, children are encouraged to pack light and they should bring along a storybook and stationery in their bag. The teachers will advise children of the books/files to bring on subsequent days.

The overall weekly after-school schedule for 2020 will be as follows:


We will be sharing our 2020 Programme Highlights in the first weekly notification next year for you to take note of the programmes the school will be rolling out. The school calendar, after-school activity schedule and the CCA schedule for Semester 1 will be issued to all parents in the first week of school. We seek the support of parents to avoid planning after-school activities for your child on days where the school has already done so.

Staff Movement

We would like to share the following end-of-year staff movement: Ms Christine Tan Shi Qi, Mr Md Khairi Bin Uda, Mdm Shanthi Govindasamy (Mrs Shanthi Vijay), Ms Soh Shu Hui will be leaving the school while Mdm Pang Xiao Ting Yvonne will be leaving the service. We wish to express our gratitude to all of them for their invaluable contributions to the school and wish them well in their future endeavours.

In Appreciation

I want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing community of parents and staff again. Our children’s growth and achievements would not be possible without your support and dedication. As a school while we strive to do our best for the children, we are fortunate that we always have the support of parents and staff. During one of my conversations with one of the new teachers, he shared how he was impressed at how the school and parents work so closely together and because of the synergy, we are able to pull of big school events such as HeARTStrings, Children’s Day and Honouring Career Day, just to name a few. As a school, there are times when in our humble attempts and efforts, we may have inadvertently caused discomfort among the children and parents. We are blessed that when such episodes happen, often we are able to work with you to iron things out. Often parents are supportive and know that the school always has the best interest of the children at heart. Do continue to share with us and give us feedback so that we can continue to grow together.

Together, we have learnt much and shared experiences that will remain in our hearts for years to come. The passion and strength within our community makes our school truly a special place for our parents, staff and children. We appreciate your support as we work together to develop our children’s hearts and minds. Have a safe and fun filled holiday with your loved ones! Enjoy the time spent with your children and bring them back to us on 2 January 2020 all energised, happy, and ready to achieve their personal best!

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