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Term 2 Week 4

It is approaching mid-year and the exam season is just around the corner. Supplementary/Remedial for the pupils from P3 to P6 will be suspended from next week to give them time for self-revision and preparation. It is inevitable that some children, and parents too, may feel anxious right now. Anxiety is a very scary feeling and our children need the reassurance that we are together with them.

This week, we would like to share on caring for the well-being of our children. Everyone wants happy, healthy children. Providing a good balance between learning and playing, together with healthy food and enough sleep can help with our children’s physical health, but what can we also do to make sure they are just as fit mentally? How can we help boost our children’s mental well-being? Mental well-being relates to our ability to positively experience life, effectively manage life's challenges, realise our potential and make a meaningful contribution within our community. There are different levels of support that we can give our children.

Often children look up to parents and teachers for approval and affirmation. They can sense the approval sometimes just from the expression on their parents' and teachers’ faces when they break the news about what happened in school or when they receive the results of a test. As we have been sharing regularly with parents, schooling is about preparing the children for life. Our teachers not only impart academic skills but also skills of well-being to our children to help them flourish in both academic and social realms. Many of our teachers are also trained to detect signs of distress in children and provide basic counselling support. We encourage our teachers to praise the children for their efforts and discuss how to improve their performance step-by-step and do not make them feel demoralised. We teach our children to be positive and optimistic when faced with difficulties. We entrust our children to complete the tasks by themselves and support them when they have trouble and teach them what they can do differently next time. This helps to boost their self-esteem and self confidence, helps them recover from setbacks and failures, and continue to be motivated to work hard.

You may also be interested with these further readings on helping your child manage stress from SCHOOLBAG, an education news site for educators and parents.

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With this Good Friday weekend, do some fun activities together as a family.

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