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School Leaders' Weekly

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Term 4 Week 9

We hope that everyone had a good break during the Deepavali holiday on Tuesday. It is just one more week to end of the term and we still have a few more exciting events these couple of weeks. Our year-end Parent-Child-Teacher Conference is on 12 and 13 November 2018. We hope that all parents have booked a slot to meet their child’s Form Teachers for an opportunity to hear from your child and his/her teacher on his/her growth and progress this year.

Our P6 children will be having their Farewell and Dance Ceremony on 15 November 2018. We are proud of our P6 children who have grown so much in their six years in this school. I am sure both parents and teachers feel that the children have grown up so fast. We remember them as little children when they came into P1 and now they are all grown up and going to secondary school. We wish them well and hope that they will have a successful live in whichever areas they choose to follow. Thank you to all teachers who have seen through their growth over the last six years. We also wish to thank the parents of our P6 pupils who have been working together with the school to ensure that the children have the necessary support in their primary school journey. Thank you and we wish you well as your child moves onto another exciting phase of his/her life in secondary school.

Our Annual Prize Giving Day will be on the last day of school this term, 16 November 2018. This event seeks to acknowledge and affirm the good work that our children and the support from our partners. This year, we have invited three ex-students for the event for our children, parents and staff to hear from them how they have grown since graduating from SVPS. We are excited to meet them and hear their stories.

Some of you had read the recent advisory from the National Environment Agency (NEA) on the downgrading of the hygiene grade of one of our canteen stalls. Several of you contacted the school as you thought it was a recent case. As mentioned in the advisory, it was a case that surfaced in August. In our Term 3 Week 8 Weekly Notification, we shared that a few of our children did fall ill after eating food from the canteen. At that point of time, investigations were still ongoing and the exact cause was not known yet. On the day of the incident itself, the school worked with all the canteen vendors NEA and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to manage the situation. Since then, checks were carried out to monitor the hygiene level of all our canteen stalls. We would like to reassure all parents that since the incident in August, there have been no new cases. The school continues to work with NEA and MOH to monitor and conduct checks on the canteen stalls regularly. We would like to thank parents who contacted us to express their concerns. If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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