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Strategic Thrusts


THRUST 1 :Striving towards Excellence through Quality Programmes

  • SO 1.1:
    To develop quality programmes to promote deep learning and pupil engagement *quality programmes denotes signature/ customized programmes 
  • SO 1.2 : 
    To attain excellence through engaging and varied teaching pedagogies
THRUST 2 :Developing character through a whole-school approach

  • SO 2.1 : 
    To inculcate values progressively through key school programmes 
  • SO 2.2 : 
    To raise cultural awareness of pupils through structured 6-year Arts programme 
  • SO 2.3 : 
    To create platforms for pupils to develop a heart to serve 
THRUST 3 :Growing Competent and Engaged Staff through Professional Development

  • SO 3.1 : 
    To improve staff competency through collaboration and involvement in school initiatives 

  • SO 3.2 : 
    To provide for opportunities for staff engagement through key school initiatives 

  • SO 3.3 :  
    To improve staff morale and engagement through promoting a culture of care 

THRUST 4 :Strengthening Partnership through Collaboration

  • SO 4.1 : 
    To engage strategic partners in purposeful and quality school programmes 
  • SO 4.2 : 
    To strengthen communication with parents and stakeholders