MOE C-Quest mobile game App


MOE has developed C-Quest, a mobile game App, to involve parents in reinforcing the Cyber Wellness curriculum key messages taught in school back at home. We also hope to equip parents with the knowledge to guide and support their children when they navigate in the online world.

The free app is available for download in Google Play. The iOS version will be available on 1 Nov 2014. More information on the app can be found at the MOE Press Release. Alternatively, parents may wish to download the

Good Cyberwellness Habits

  • uphold your dignity when online (e.g. avoid surfing inappropriate sites and participating in illegal online activities)
  • respect others (e.g. avoid using the work of others without permission and publishing undesirable materials that hurt others)
  • compose e-mail messages using acceptable language
  • do not reveal your personal information on the Internet
  • do not use the Internet to frighten or annoy another person
  • do not chat with strangers on the Internet