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Learning Support (English)

Support Teacher : Mrs Bernadine Dorett 

The LSP is a specialised early intervention programme aimed at providing learning support to pupils who enter Primary One with weak English language and literacy skills.Pupils are identified for LSP through a systematic screening process carried out at the beginning of Primary One.

The objective of the LSP is to provide a more focused approach to building basic reading skills, so that pupils can access the mainstream English Language curriculum as soon as possible. 

LSP-1.jpgPupils with weak literacy skills begin with intervention that focuses on building their foundational skills in reading. 

They then move on to learn higher level of literacy skills to attain the ultimate goal of reading comprehension.  Pupils who do not meet the criteria stated, will continue to be supported at Primary Two. 

LSP-2.jpgAt Primary Two, these pupils will be taught the essential vocabulary items. They will also be equipped with reading comprehension skills using the books from the mainstream STELLAR curriculum. At the end of Primary Two, these pupils will be automatically discharged from the programme.  

Programme Feature

  • LSP lessons are conducted by trained LSCs. 
  • Pupils attend LSP lessons daily for half an hour each day. 
  • Children are taught in groups of 5 to 8. This allows each pupil to receive more attention from the teacher and more opportunities for practice and participation. 

Today, our LSP programme includes the following extra support programmes:

LSP-3.jpg1) Buddy Reading Programmes

2) Reading with Parent Volunteers (P1 - 4)

3) Working with external agencies for additional support.