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InnoChef With A Cultural Twist

The InnoChef programme is designed to equip pupils with culinary skills where they learn to cook different ethnic dishes. As part of the school’s cultural package, pupils will be given opportunities to experience and learn more about the culture of the various ethnic dishes and even pick up conversational language related to the ethnic group. On top of that, pupils will learn more about
nutritional information, food safety, cultural diversity through team building as they learn about making wise food choices for a lifetime of good health.

Culture Focus 

Level Culture
Primary 1 Chinese
Primary 2  Malay
Primary 3  Indian
Primary 4 Philippines
Primary 5 Japanese 
Primary 6 Thailand

Lesson Overview

a)    Nutrition & Culture Education

The lesson covers three important aspects of cooking kitchen safety, cooking terminology, caloric intake/energy balance and reading food labels. The cultural elements of the food are covered and discussed in the classroom.

b)    Cooking

The lesson is spent cooking in small groups of 6-7 children with one parent volunteer per small group. Two recipes are prepared at each class. The health content, cultural elements and benefits of ingredients are discussed prior to cooking.

c)    Food sampling

Children are able to taste the food that they prepared and are encouraged to take home a portion. They are able to assess their ability in cooking and areas that they are able to improve on.

d)    Cleaning Up

Clean-up is as much a part of the cooking process as meal preparation and is important to include students. Pupils learn how to work in a group with special task given to respective individual so that they can contribute to the group.

Page last updated: 26 July 2018