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P1 Transition Programme

“We Love, We Can, We Learn” is a Primary 1 transition programme unique to South View Primary School.

This programme was developed in partnership with NIE to improve the quality of the transition experience for pre-school children as they start their first year in South View Primary. The customised curriculum aims to support children in managing emotions and behaviour as they learn to build new relationships with their peers and teachers, and adjusting to their new environment.

By focusing on fostering children’s social and emotional adjustment, this 4-week programme enables children to feel comfortable and familiar with the school environment and expectations. It involves families and recognises the important role families play in supporting children and staff to make school an exciting and engaging place. The school also focuses on identifying and bridging the differences between children’s prior-to-school experiences, and supporting their overall development.

We envision that, through this programme, pupils love the school, their teachers and friends, can experience success and be competent as learners.