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P6 Transition Programme

Transition can be difficult and overwhelming for young adolescents. The whole process may be affected by social, emotional and physiological changes that can negatively impact their learning. To prepare our P6 pupils for a smooth transition to secondary school, the school customised a transition programme for the pupils, aiming to equip them with life skills that will encourage self-awareness, self-directedness, independence and confidence. In addition, pupils would be able to adapt to changes and make responsible decisions.

Besides a school-based customised SEL curriculum, Project Work, local and overseas learning journeys and secondary school visits, pupils have the opportunity to engage and serve a wider community through their Values-In-Action in their ECG showcase. The school works collaboratively with the various stakeholders, like the South View Parents Association, secondary schools, MLS team in NIE and external organisations in customising the programme to prepare our pupils psychologically, mentally and emotionally to ensure a more successful transition into the secondary school years.

The changes pupils face in secondary schools may be stressful to pupils and unnecessary strains should be kept to minimal while coping with the transition. With mindful planning, we believe that our pupils will be equipped with the essential skills and greater awareness through meaningful activities, thus, getting them Ready, To Secondary School, We Go!


Useful links for pupils and parents

Education & Career Guidance

It is an online portal that facilitates education and career development among the pupils. It also helps the pupils discover their identity through awareness, exploration and planning. https://ecareers.sg/G_Login_SG/ecareersLogin.asp

Secondary Education

Parents can find information on school fees, Direct Schools Admission (DSA) and Secondary 1 Posting. https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/secondary

The Secondary School Education booklets are also available in 4 languages. https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/secondary/secondary-school-education-booklet