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Welcome Back To School

Starting a new school year seems to be exciting for pupils. However, the first few days of school can be a period of anxiety for most pupils. Even for older pupils, returning to school to a new academic year fills them with a sense of anxiety. Questions such as ‘Who are my teachers?’, ‘Will I be able to make new friends?’, ‘Can I cope with the demands of my new level?’ and many more often fill the minds of pupils.

The Welcome Back to School programme is a unique programme dedicated to the first four days of school, to ensure a smoother transition for the pupils starting the new academic year, through meaningful lessons and activities. This collaborative project synergises key school programmes by both IP & Non-IP departments into a holistic journey for the pupils as they embark on a new school year.

This programme aims to motivate & boost pupils’ self-confidence and help them to build good relationships among peers and their teachers. It also helps to foster a sense of belonging to the school and strongly anchor the school values in the pupils. Customised programmes are planned and developed for each level to ensure that the pupils are enriched and engaged in level appropriate activities. Pupils go through a rich transition experience where they are equipped with knowledge and skills to manage emotions and behaviour, build relationships and have the confidence to take on new challenges with a growth mindset.