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Admin and Operations

Our pupils’ safety is the highest priority and your cooperation is important to ensure the safety of our pupils and staff. We would like to remind parents on the following safety matters: 

Visitors/Parents/Guardians Entering School Compound

  • All entry to school, strictly via appointment only.
  • All visitors/parents/guardians who enter the school compound (for example: for an appointment with school personnel, to fetch a sick child, to collect documents from the General Office, to make purchase at the bookshop etc.) are to enter by Gate 1 ONLY. Visitors are required to  register at the security post for a visitor pass before proceeding to the General Office. Visitor pass must be worn and clearly displayed at all time and returned at the security post upon exiting the school.
  • Visitors/parents/ guardians are NOT allowed to proceed beyond the General Office and bookshop to other parts of the school building without being escorted by a school staff.
  • Any parent or guardian who wishes to meet or communicate with school personnel are advised to make prior appointment with the teacher or staff concerned. On the day of appointment, the same procedure of obtaining a pass from the security guard before proceeding to the General Office for the appointment.
  • For safety reasons and preparation for school dismissal, except for emergency or medical cases, no visitors/parents/guardians are allowed to enter the school premise 30 minutes before and after dismissal at 1.30 pm.
  • In order to develop our pupils a sense of responsibility,  the school will not allow parents to pass items which they have forgotten (i.e homework)  to the General Office. Please contact the teacher if the items are urgent i.e pocket money and we will assist your children accordingly.

Arrival and Dismissal

Driving into school to drop off children:

  • To reduce the multiple conflicting movements between motorists and pedestrians at the school’s ingress and improve the traffic movement along Choa Chu Kang Central, we would like to seek parents’ and guardians’ co-operation to only make left-turn from Choa Chu Kang Central into the school’s main entrance for drop-off activity within the school compound between 0630hrs to 0730hrs (see LINK). Parents/guardians driving their children/ward to school are encouraged to enter Choa Chu Kang Central via the junction of Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3/ Choa Chu Kang Central and exit via the junction of Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1/ Choa Chu Kang Central. In the event you are unable to use the recommended route, please do consider making use of the school side gates for drop off activities (see Figure 2). We strongly urge parents/guardians to plan your travel route accordingly beforehand.
  • School buses will drop off our pupils at the transport hub instead of the foyer. This will allow parents to drive into the school from 6.30 am onwards.
  • Even with the above arrangement, we expect some congestion between 7.00 am and 7.15 am. We would like to appeal to parents to be patient while waiting to drop off their children. Please DO NOT overtake the vehicle in front of you while in the school compound. We have had a few near miss accidents due to impatient parents overtaking and cutting into paths of other vehicles.
  • Please refrain from taking too long to drop off your children too. We had observed parents changing seats, getting down from their vehicles to carry the bags for their children and giving pocket money, water bottle etc to their children while the rest of the vehicles are waiting behind to drop off their children. If you must get down from your vehicle, please park your car in the nearby HDB parking lots outside the school and walk your child to school.

Driving and dropping off children at Gates 3 and 4:

  • We would like to remind parents to refrain from using your vehicle’s horn unless due to safety reasons so as not to unnecessarily disturb our neighbours in the nearby estate.
  • Please refrain from stopping your vehicle on the zebra crossings to drop off your children. The zebra crossing is meant for pedestrians and by stopping on the zebra crossings, you are obstructing and endangering the safety of pedestrians.


  • We would like to appeal to parents not to congregate in front of Gate 1 as you are obstructing the path of pupils and their views. If you are waiting for your children at gate 1, please arrange for a meeting point away from the gate. The HDB void deck opposite gate 1 is a good place to meet your children.

General Reminder from Land Transport Authority

  • We would like to remind drivers that there shall also be strictly NO PARKING or WAITING at : 
  • 9 metres within a bus stop area;
  • 6 metres within a junction;
  • 3 metres within a fire-hydrant;
  • 50 metres of a pedestrian crossing;
  • On grass verge and footway; and
  • At entrances or exits of any premises.