Home-Based Learning

School will start on 2 June from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm. For levels on Home-based Learning, the timetable for
Semester 2 will be sent to the students’ G Suite email account on 1 June 2020. For the rest, the timetable
will be issued on 2 June 2020. The school may make changes to the timetable when full school resumes.

The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) and Gsuite for education will be key platforms used by our school to support students in their HBL.  The estimated duration of HBL for your child each day, is approximately 4 hours, including a maximum of 2 hours of online learning.  For levels on HBL, lessons will begin at 7.45 am.

Students  will need to visit our SVPS HBL website to refer to daily instructions given by their teachers.

SVPS Home-based learning website link:  Svpshbl 

Click on the HBL site link above. Your child should click on his/her level page. Once your child is at his/her respective level page, scroll down to his/her own class to view the instructions given by your child's subject teachers. They may give you work on Student Learning Space (SLS) or through Google Suite (Google classroom, Google Meet, Gsuite mail etc).  The links to SLS and Gsuite are below.

 SLS: https://vle.learning.moe.edu.sg/login 
 Gsuite: www.southviens.com

Your child can continue to use his/her G Suite email account to communicate with his/her form teachers and subject teachers. For technical support, please refer to the 'Student Learning Space and Google Suite Matters' page on our school website.