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National Education/Social Studies

Appointment of Department MemberName of Member
SH NE/SS/ VIAMdm Boey Kah Lai
NE/SS co-ordinatorMr Sebastian Lim
Teacher    Mrs Tang Mei Fong
Mdm Kaliammah
Mdm Singaravelu Rathai
Mdm Liang Xuexia
Mdm See Lina
Mrs Amy Brampy
Mrs Ser-Goh Siew Ngor
Mrs Doris Goh
Ms Violet Tan
Mrs Christina Khoo
Mrs Chao Wai Han
Mrs Han Mun Hin

Name of ProgrammesObjectivesTarget LevelDate/Timeframe
NEA Clean Singapore Learning TrailTo enable pupils to gain an appreciation of what it takes to keep Singapore clean, the consequences of littering and how their personal behaviours affect the environment. By deepening students’ knowledge and understanding on these issues, the Clean Singapore Learning Trail will enable students to reflect on how their everyday actions have an impact on their surrounding environment and encourage them to act for a truly clean SingaporePrimary 3
Primary 4
3 March 2015
8 & 15 April 2015
Ration Packing VIATo inculcate the values of caring and sharing in our pupils as they purchase and pack ration packages for the less fortunate as a class.P1
30 July 2015
30 July 2015
9 July 2015
9 July 2015
2 April 2015
Total Defence DayTo reinforce the importance of Total Defence, to remind students that Singapore is defensible and is worth defending, and only Singaporeans would have the will to defend Singapore.Whole School 14 February 2015
International Friendship DayPupils should understand the importance of good relations with our neighbours and beyond.Whole School9 April 2015 
Appreciation DayTo remind pupils that Singapore’s cleanliness should not be taken for granted and they should learn to be responsible for helping to keep Singapore clean.Whole school  16 April 2015
Racial Harmony DayPupils will learn that in Singapore, people are treated equally regardless of their race and religion and they should also do the same. 

Pupils will also be encouraged to appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore.
Whole School 21 July 2015
 NE Show To evoke a sense of patriotism amongst the students and to impart to them the significance of National Day.P5 Pupils 25 July 2015 
National Day   Whole School 8 August 2015
 NE Heritage TourTo enable pupils to gain an understanding to Singapore’s heritage, achievements and learn about the different cultures. P3 – Indian Culture
P4 – Malay Culture
P5 – Thai Culture
P6 – ASEAN Culture 

25 Mar 2015
6 July 2015
8 April 2015