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Information & Communication Technology (Private)

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Appointment of Department MemberName of Member
HOD ICTMrs Shanthi Vijay
Subject Head ICT (Internal)Mrs Hamidah Jeffri
School Cockpit CoordinatorMrs Pamela See Toh-Neo
P1 ICT ChampMdm Waheeda
P2 ICT ChampMiss Christine Tan
 P3 ICT ChampMdm Chong Lee Hong 
P4 ICT Champ  Mrs  Hamidah Jeffri
P5 ICT Champ Miss Priscilla 
P6 ICT Champ Mdm Widyawati Bte Mudai 
 Chinese ICT champMdm Toh Beh 
Malay ICT champ  Mdm Haslinda 
 Tamil ICT champ Mdm Vjaya Lashmi d/o Trangavellu 
 MembersMr Nicholas Ting
Mr Wong Wai Liong
Mdm April Goh
Mr Siah Kah Yeow
Mdm Lee Li Peng
Ms Nur Sakinah Yusof  

energIze, exCite,  and exalT! – Learning through empowering @SVPS

As a Lead@ ICT school, the school has developed its own Project Work programme. The Programme spans across six disciplines and six academic levels. The Programme aims to:
allow each child to see the applicative use of subjects
imbibe values through experiential learning
develop pupils’ Social Emotional competencies and 21CC skills
promote creativity and innovation 
promote SDL and CoL

Approach to Program Design

In the development of the Programme, close reference was made to the school’s teaching and learning framework. The 3 key tenets of the Teaching & Learning (T&L) framework are: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment. In addition to the aligning the Programme to the T&L framework, the team also took cognisance of the school’s niche which is in the Arts- more specifically Media Art. The programme outcomes were also aligned to outcomes of the T&L framework.

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PW is anchored by a subject per level. This enables pupils to experience PW at a multi-faceted level, with each subject offering its uniqueness through PW. A topic within the syllabus of each level has been selected to further extend it as PW. Each level also specialises in an ICT skill that is progressive from Primary 1 till 5, culminating at the Primary 6 level whereby the pupils are given a choice to choose a suitable ICT tool which will lend well to their selected project. 


In accordance to the 3Es: Empower, Experience and Explore to Excel, pupils are empowered to construct their own knowledge as they create an e-journal of their learning journey to the zoo and butterfly farms, as well as plan for a party,  taking into considerations constraints set by the teachers. Pupils experience and connect to the real world as they learn vocabulary words at the zoo, using the iPad as a tool, and watch the lifecycle of butterflies through a butterfly breeding kit and transfer their observations onto an online timeline. Pupils explore creative problem-solving solutions and various designs such as in the creation of a prototype, taking into consideration its features before creating the physical prototype using a 3D printing device. Older pupils will continue on to design a 3D futuristic eldercare home, with an extension of creating a physical innovative 3D furniture using the 3D printing device. Alongside with achieving the intended learning outcomes for the selected topic, pupils are guided in using the relevant ICT tools tagged to each level to enable pupils to accumulate their ICT skills as they progress through each level.

Name of ProgrammesObjectivesTarget LevelDate/Timeframe
P1 Project Work To enhance pupils’ knowledge of animals through a digital trail at the zoo 
  • To create an ejournal of their experience at the zoo
Primary 1Term 3
P2 Project Work (POTS@Play)•  To extend the learning of the lifecycle of a butterfly through a learning journey to a butterfly farm
  • To have a first hand experience of the lifecycle of a  butterfly by rearing a caterpillar 
  • To create an online timeline of a butterfly lifecycle based on pupils’ observations of a butterfly kit
Primary 2Term 1
P2 Project Work (Chinese)•  To create a presentation of the school compound in Chinese
  • To touch type in Hans Vision
Primary 2 Term 1-2
P2 Project Work (Malay)•  To create story scenes on butterflies using Lego figurines
•  To create a presentation on butterflies in Malay
 Primary 2Term 1-2
P2 Project Work (Tamil)•  To create a presentation of the school compound in Tamil
• To touch type in Murasu Anjal
 Primary 2Term 1-2
P3 Project Work• To enable pupils’ to utilise their knowledge on money by budgetting for a themed party Primary 3  Term 2-3
P4 Project Work• To extend pupils’ learning on the properties of materials and apply them to real-life experiences
• To utilise 3D computer modelling tools 
• To equip pupils with the new visualizing skills by modelling using 3D pens
  Primary 4 Term 2
 P5 Project Work• To enable pupils to understand the needs of the elderly
• To use 3D software to design futuristic home for the elderly based on their needs  
 Primary 5Term 2-3 
  P6 Project Work • To be aware of the Singaporean entrepreneurs who are contributing to the economic success of Singapore 
• To create eBooks on these entrepreneurs for the lower primary pupils
 Primary 6  Post-PSLE