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Character & Citizenship Education

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Our Department Members

Appointment of Department MemberName of Department Member
Head of Department / CCEMdm Jaelyn Lau Yu Xuan
Year Head / Special ProjectsMrs Shanthi Vijay Anand 
SH / National Education, Social Studies & VIAMdm Boey Kah Lai
Senior Teacher / CCEMs Priscilla Chua Chwee Tin 
Coordinator / Student LeadershipMs Soh Shu Hui
Coordinator / National Education & Social StudiesMrs Karen Tan-Cheong May Ling
Coordinator / CyberwellnessMrs Wendy Goh-Ong Wenqi
Mdm Sahidah Binte Yaacob
MembersMrs Amy Brampy
Mdm Angelia Chew Yin Mui
Mdm Chong Lee Chen
Mdm Choung Hui Ming
Ms Christine Tan Shi Qi
Mrs Tan-Fun Pei Fen
Mrs Ser-Goh Siew Ngor
Mdm Haslinda Bte Othman
Ms Lei Jiayan Jean
Mdm Liang Xuexia
Mdm Liu Yun
Mdm Mastura Bte Mohamed Yusoff
Ms Melissa Choy Min Er
Mrs Chin-Neo Chiew Bee
Mdm Norzelawati Bte Shariff
Mdm Ou Wen Lien
Mdm See Lina
Mr Selva Kumar S/O Thechinamoorthi
Ms Violet Tan Joke Kum
Ms Tan May Fung
Mdm Wang Wei

Our Key Programmes

Name of Programmes


Target Level

Date / Timeframe

Total Defence Day


To keep Singapore strong and resilient by reaching out to one another, forging and strengthening relationships.

Whole School

15 February

International Friendship Day


To learn from the different backgrounds and experiences of people in our neighbouring countries and continue maintaining our good relations with them.

Whole School

7 April

Racial Harmony Day



To deepen understanding of racial harmony in Singapore by tolerating differences and embracing diversity.

Whole School

21 July

National Day


To celebrate Singapore’s independence, in commemoration of the Singapore's independence from Malaysia in the year 1965.

Whole School

8 August

NE Show


To demonstrate love, care and respect for Singapore.


Term 3

NE Learning Journey


P3 to P5:

To gain understanding to Singapore’s heritage, achievements and learn about different cultures.


To explore a range of occupations across industries for awareness in their career aspirations.

P3 to P6

P3 - Term 3

P4 - Term 2

P5 - Term 2

P6 - Post PSLE

Clean As We Go (VIA)



To inculcate social responsibility by keeping our environment clean.

Whole School


Ration donation (VIA)


To inculcate care for the needy families in our community.

Whole School

Term 2

Children’s Day Appeal (VIA)


To instil the spirit of caring for and sharing with the less fortunate in our society.

Whole School

Term 4

Buddy Clean Workshop (VIA)


To educate pupils on the importance of keeping the school clean and to train the pupils in the various skills required for the cleaning activities.


Term 3

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