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Our Department Members

Appointment of Department MemberName of Member
Head of Department / MathematicsMs Jan Pang Nyuk Chin
Level Head / MathematicsMr Mohamad Sahrum Bin Yusof
Coordinator / MathematicsMdm Nadiah Binte Abdul Rahman 
Senior Teacher / MathematicsMs Teo Wee Sim
Mentor / Mathematics Mr Lee Kim Joo James 
P1 Department RepresentativeMdm Tang Mei Fong
P2 Department Representative
Mdm Waheeda Binte Mohamed Ibrahim
P3 Department RepresentativeMrs Lim-Goh Kheen Yong
P4 Department Representative
Mr Mohamad Sahrum Bin Yusof
P5 Department Representative
Mr Lee Kim Joo James 
P6 Department Representative
Mdm Nadiah Binte Abdul Rahman 
Department ICT Specialists Mdm Yvonne Pang Xiao Ting
Ms Priscilla Chua Chwee Tin
Learning Support Mathematics (LSM)Mr Murad Bin Mohamad Taha
Mr Sallahuddin Bin Yahya
Mrs Lim-Goh Kheen Yong
Mdm Ng Siew Leng
MembersMr Ivan Ng Chin Yong (HOD/PW)
Mdm Ng Hwee Mian (SH/C&A)
Mr Mohammed Fadzliegh Bin Nordin (SH/PHE)
Mrs Daphne Ng-Heng Pei Li (AYH/P1)
Mdm Chan Yee Ling (AYH/P3)
Mr Ang Ben Yong
Mdm Chong Lee Chen
Mdm Hamidah Abdol Hamid
Mrs Jennifer Lim
Mdm Lee Li Peng
Mrs Rosnah Jasli
Ms Carene Choy Yong En
Mr Mohamad Hafees Bin Hanafi
Ms Soh Shu Hui
Ms Tan Joke Kum Violet
Mdm Yus Azizah Bte Ahmad Ariff

Our Key Programmes

Name of ProgrammesObjectivesTarget LevelDate/Timeframe
Math Trail• To sharpen the thinking skills of P1 students through hands on activities
• To provide an environment for team building of students' social skills
Primary 1Term 3
 Math Journalling
  • To  enhance classroom learning and stimulate thinking regarding  mathematics learning and enhance conceptual understanding.
 Primary 1 - 6Term 1 - Term 4
Digital Math Trail• To sharpen  the  thinking  skills  of  P2  students  through  hands­on activities
• To provide  an environment for team building of  students’ social  skills
 • To have an opportunity to tap on  Mathematical  knowledge learnt and apply them in real life situations
• To have an  opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the different races living in Singapore
Primary 2Term 3
 Math Activity Day• To sharpen the thinking skills of P3 students through hands­on activities
• To provide an  environment for team  building and building  of students’ social  skills.  
• To have an  opportunity to tap on Mathematical  knowledge learnt to  real life situations
Primary 3 Term 3 Week 10 
 Peer Tutoring• To provide an opportunity for peer tutors  to help peer tutees in the  mastery of selected concepts in Math 
•  To provide an opportunity for development of servant leadership in tutors
Primary 5 and 6 Terms 1,2 and 3 Mondays and  Tuesdays 7.00am to 7.20am 
 Mathematical  Olympiad Training • To provide an  opportunity for  selected pupils to  extend their  Mathematical  knowledge and to  learn higher order  problem solving skills Selected Primary 4,  5 and 6 Primary 6 – Term 1 Primary 5 – Term 2
Primary 4 – Term 3 

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