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Mother Tongue Languages

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Our Department Members

Appointment of Department MemberName of Department Member
Head of Department / Mother Tongue LanguagesMr Chua Keng Koon
Level Head / Malay LanguageMdm Ruhaya Bte Mohd Esa
Lead Teacher / Chinese LanguageMdm Wang Juan 
Senior Teacher / Chinese LanguageMdm New Chye Fong 
P1 CL Department RepresentativeMdm Guo Wei
P2 CL Department Representative
Ms Yu Naishan
P3 CL Department Representative Mdm Sandy Sim Yew Hong
P4 CL Department RepresentativeMr Toh Jun Jie
P5 CL Department Representative
Mr Nicholas Ting Ming Chong (CL)
Mdm Liu Yun (HCL)
P6 CL Department Representative Mdm Choung Hui Ming (CL)
Mdm New Chye Fong (HCL)
CL Department ICT SpecialistsMdm Toh Beh
Mr Toh Jun Jie
Members (Chinese Language)Ms Lim Pei Jing (YH/P5)
Mdm Jaelyn Lau Yu Xuan (HOD/CCE)
Mdm Boey Kah Lai (SH/NE,SS & VIA)
Mrs Joanne Chan-Li Wai Yee (SH/Aes,TIE & Imm)
Mdm Liang Xuaexia
Ms Lei Jiayan Jean
Ms Nyoe Hui Yee
Mdm Ou Wen Lien
Mdm Peng Binglun
Mdm See Lina
Mr Tay Ah Bee
Mdm Toh Beh
Mdm Wang Wei
Ms Woo Yeong Chyi
P1 ML Department RepresentativeMdm Sahidah Binte Yaacob 
P2 ML Department RepresentativeMdm Ruhaya Binte Mohd Esa 
P3 ML Department Representative Mdm Norzelawati Binte Shariff
P4 ML Department RepresentativeMdm Haslinda Bte Othman 
P5 ML Department Representative 
Mdm Nafisah Nurraudhah Binte Sa'dollah
P6 ML Department Representative Mdm Mastura Bte Mohamed Yusoff 
ML Department ICT SpecialistMdm Ruhaya Binte Mohd Esa 
TL Department ICT Specialist
Mdm Vjaya Lashmi D/O Tangavellu
Members (Tamil Language)Mdm Majeena Rosia Abdullah

Our Key Programmes

Name of Programmes


Target Level

Date / Timeframe

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Malay)

- To create an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of MTL

- To provide platforms for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture

- To provide authentic opportunities for students to use MTL and experience the culture.


P4 and P6

P3 and P5



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Tamil)


Term 2

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Chinese)


Term 3

Events 2017

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Chinese) - Click here for more details.

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