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Message from Chairman

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Greetings!   I am   Hon   Kee,   Chairman of   the   South   View   Primary   School   Parents Association (SVPA).  At  the  13th  AGM, my  team and  I  were  elected as the Exco committee  for  a  two-year  term. We  are  honoured to  have an opportunity to serve  our members and the school.

SVPA is  a  corporate  body  made up of  caring and  involved  parents,  who  are united  and committed to  work  with  the  school in  bringing  the  best  out of  our child(ren). We  have created an  important  link  between  the  school, parents and pupils. We  promote and encourage parental engagement and involvement in school. Members come from diverse backgrounds,  possess  varied  experiences, interests,  expertise  and  knowledge.  This rich diversity of  talents and  a  wide  network  allow us to  achieve our  mission,  benefiting  the school and pupils.

SVPA seeks to  form a strong and committed partnership with the school to work towards holistic development and welfare of the pupils. Currently, we have various sub-committees headed by   EXCO   members   to   plan   and   organise   programmes and   activities in collaboration   with   the   school.    Our   programmes   are   strongly supported by   parent volunteers  from  all  levels and we hope to  see  even more  parents  stepping  forth to contribute to a common cause.

As  parents,  you  are  a  key  influence of  your  child’s  character and  values.  I am  sure  you want  the best  for  your  child(ren) and  help  them get  the  most out of  his/her  school experience. This can be achieved through active involvement in school activities. Guiding your  child  through  this  exciting educational  journey is  a  wonderful  privilege  that SVPA parents and educators share in South View Primary School.

SVPA initiates and organises an exciting array of activities and events so there  are many opportunities to get involved. We welcome you to join us in the programmes that we offer throughout  the  year by participating as  parent  volunteer  and/or  subcommittee  members. Whatever   level of   participation   you   choose,   your   time and involvement is greatly appreciated and we hope you will find such experience enjoyable.

SVPA  also  aims to  provide  its  members  a  channel  for  parents to  raise  issues and concerns,  and  provide  constructive  feedbacks to  the  school. If  you  have any  concerns, please feel free to contact me or any of the EXCO members through the various channels available. On this note, do join us and rally together to achieve our vision and mission as well as building  invaluable friendships.

I look forward to your partnership with us.

Thank you.

With warmest regards,

Mr Tan Hon Kee Chairman (2018 - 2019)
South View Primary School Parents Association
SVPA Registration number: 2059/2006
Date of registration: 27 April 2006