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South View Primary School Parent Support Group (PSG) was formed in May 2001. Our first Chairman was Mr Eric Kwa. Then, a group of parents were keen to form a support group, to work more closely with the school. That was when PSG was set up. These parents strongly believed that parents' active participation in school would contribute to the general well being of their children. The vision of PSG was “to have all committed parents to be part of the Parents Support Group to learn, share and contribute to the school for the wellbeing of our children". The idea and formation of the PSG was strongly supported by the school. Since its inception, the school and PSG have collaborated on many activities, events and programmes for the benefit of our children, parents as well as the teachers.

May 2005 to April 2006

A new Executive Committee of the PSG (PSG EXCO) under the leadership of Mrs. Shirley Lo came on board in May 2005. The PSG EXCO, which comprised both old and new members, continued with the PSG’s mission and worked to expand its membership base, strengthening the various sub-committees and refocus its activities to be in line with the school’s vision and mission. The PSG EXCO exerted much effort in supporting the school in areas that had enabled the school, our children and parents to build a close, strong and trusting relationship. The initial membership of the PSG, which had started with just a handful of parents, had grown to approximately 200 members in 2005/2006.

May 2006 to present

South View Primary School Parents Association (SVPA) was incorporated on 27 April 2006. Its first Chairman is Mrs Shirley Lo.  Mrs Shirley Lo and her 17 Executive Committee members (SVPA EXCO) were elected on board at its first Annual General Meeting held on 16 September 2006, for a term of two years. SVPA is the school’s partner in education and believes that parental involvement can make a difference in our children’s learning experience in school. SVPA shares a common vision that parents can help to improve, enrich, enhance and support our children’s learning experiences, so that they can have beautiful memories of their time in school.

The SVPA EXCO aims to bridge our parents with the school and build a network for parents to communicate more effectively with each other and with the school. In line with the SVPA’s new mission to work closer with the school as a stakeholder, partner and collaborator, SVPA’s vision has been transformed to a united corporate body of parents with strong community spirit that strive to be a viable and purposeful entity, working in partnership and collaboration with the school in nurturing and inspiring our children to be men and women of character with passion for learning and serving ”.

SVPA also strongly believes in a spirit of servitude in the school and outside community. Various sub-committees headed by some of the EXCO members plan and conduct programmes and activities for parents and children in the school. Many supportive parents also help and support SVPA’ programmes and activities on an ad-hoc basis.