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SVPA logo


Meaning of SVPA Logo

The triangle represents a tripartite relationship in the South View Community.
School - Parents – Students OR School – Parents – CommunitySVPA


S - Spirit of servitude.

*To pool together resources and provide opportunities for every member to volunteer, share or contribute his services, knowledge, expertise or time to the school and to create a platform for the member to opt for greater involvement in the school (SVPA Mission #4).
* To assist and support the school financially by way of donation, fund raising or otherwise for the development and improvement of the school and the pupils (SVPA Mission #5).

V  - Viable and purposeful entity.

* To provide a channel for the members to have a legitimate and concerted voice in giving constructive feedback to the school, identify and raise issues of general concern pertaining to the pupil's studies and well-being (SVPA Mission)

P  - Partnership and collaboration with the school, students and community.

* To form a strong and committed partnership with the school and teachers, to work hand in hand to achieve the common objective of enhancing academic and social development as well as better welfare of the pupils (SVPA Mission #1).
* To develop and promote better relationship, understanding and cooperation between the members, the teachers as well as the pupils through social activities and interaction (SVPA Mission #3).

A  - Advancement in the use of IT to connect and collaborate. Yellow/Orange

*Yellow is associated with joy and happiness. It instills optimism, energy and creative thoughts. 
Orange radiates warmth and energy. It represents enthusiasm, determination, and encouragement.
*SVPA is a family friendly organization. We endeavour to build a big, warm and happy family with energetic and optimistic members; willing to come together and be involved in the school for a better future for our children.

Shades of Blue

*Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. It is associated with depth and stability.
*SVPA strives to be a trustworthy, dependable and committed stakeholder and partner of the school in supporting the school’s mission.


*Black denotes strength and authority.
Gray is practical, solid and stable.
*SVPA aims to provide a strong and continuous support and foundation to the school and students.