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Primary 5 Form Teachers

primary 5 teachers i.tif.jpg
mr selva kumar s-o thechinamoorthi.jpeg
Mr Selva Kumar
Primary 5.1

mdm peng binglun.jpeg
Mdm Peng Binglun
Primary 5.1

mdm natasha nadia bte mohd hafizd.jpeg
Mdm Natasha Nadia 
Primary 5.2
mr lee kim joo.jpeg
Mr Lee Kim Joo James
Primary 5.2

mdm noor azlinah binte abdul aziz.jpeg
Mdm Noor Azlinah Abdul Aziz
Primary 5.3

ms tan joke kum violet.jpg
Ms Violet Tan Joke Kum
Primary 5.3

miss chua chwee tin.jpeg
Ms Priscilla Chua Chwee Tin
Primary 5.4

mr murad b mohamad taha.jpeg
Mr Murad Bin Mohd Taha
Primary 5.4

miss soh shu hui.jpeg
Miss Soh Shu Hui
Primary 5.5
mdm siti mas laily binte ramlaili.jpeg
Mdm Siti Mas Laily Bte Ramlaili
Primary 5.5

miss tang hui qing serene.jpeg
Miss Tang Hui Qing Serene
Primary 5.6

mdm mchelle chan kim hong.jpeg
Mdm M'chelle Chan 
Primary 5.6

miss lim pei jing.jpeg
Ms Lim Pei Jing
Primary 5.6

mdm widyawati bte mudai .jpeg
Mdm Widyawati Mudai
Primary 5.7

mdm boey kah lai.jpeg
Mdm Boey Kah Lai
Primary 5.7

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Deployment of staff is subjected to changes depending on school's needs without prior notice.

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